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For Men

  • The Combination of products offers better results to customers. The pills are natural supplements, and like any product of this type, results are visible after few weeks.
  • Both SizeGain ,Provilia ,and Volume500 allows to obtain an improvement in sexual relations ,Strength and Long-lasting erections, etc.
  • Gnetics Extender is a medical device approved by the European Union indicated to correct penile curvature. Therefore, you can offer it in hospitals and pharmacies.


Natural pills for more sperm volume

Voluminex is designed to develop and enhance sperm volume and abundant ejaculations. It promotes sexual power and produces greater orgasms.

Voluminex is indicated for:

  • Improve sperm qualities
  • Intensify orgasms
  • Help to increase male fertility.


Natural pills to increase the penis size

Virilnex is designed to increase penis size and also to develop greater sexual stamina. This product Improves male sexual life.

Virilnex is indicated for:

  • Increase penis size
  • Increase Libido
  • Improve Sexual Power


Perfect Option to reinforce virility

SizeGain are natural tablets that improve the size of male member, enhance erections and increased sexual power. The Plus version includes Bioperine ®, an ingredient which facilitates the absorption of the components.


  • Men with complex of their penis size
  • Men above 30 year old who desires to enhance their sexual potency in their relationships

Distribution profit range: between 60 and 74%

Bluedropship profit range: between 30 and 55%


Improve the qualities of sperm and sexual potency

Natural Tablets Volume 500 allows an increase in semen volume and helps improve male fertility.


  • Men with fertility problems
  • Men who want to have more sperm count
  • Men who desire intense orgasms

Distribution profit range: between 56 and 71%

Bluedropship profit range: between 25 and 40%


Unique Penis extender in the market

Gnetics extender is a medical device that corrects penile curvature and lengthens the male member. It differs from the rest by its Ergoturn ® system.


  • Men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease
  • Men who want to increase the size of their penis
  • Utilization as a hospital equipment

Distribution profit range: between 48 and 66%

Bluedropship profit range: between 30 and 40%


A natural way to enhance erections

Provilia is lubricating oil which allows stronger and longer lasting erections, more intense orgasms and improves sexual potency.


  • Men who want to enjoy intense orgasms
  • Middle-aged men who want to strengthen their erections

Distribution profit range: between 62 and 76%

Bluedropship profit range: between 40 and 55%