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For Women

  • The combination of product offer better results to customers. The combination of Venus Medical, stimulation, strengthens the pectoral muscles, and active principles of Siluette and Procurves Plus, helps to enhance breast volume and results are permanent.
  • Encourage your buyers to continue treatment for several months because, for being natural products does not give immediate results.
  • Women under 20 years still have a developing body and recommend waiting this age to begin treatment.
  • Women who have had children are very interested audience for this type of product, especially Siluette, due to changes that occurred in their body after pregnancy and lactation.


Natural tablets for breast enlargement

Procurves enhances the physical appearance of women through natural ingredients that increase the breast. The PLUS range is differs in ingredient, it incorporates Bioperine ®, which facilitates the absorption of the components.


  • Women after 20 years old
  • Women who wishes to regain their shape After several pregnancies
  • Women surfing from menopause

Distribution profit range: between 60 and 74%

Bluedropship profit range: between 20 and 60%


Electro-stimulation for breast enlargement.

Venus Medical is designed to reaffirm women’s breasts in a complete natural way without resorting to surgery.


  • Women around the age of 50
  • Women after breastfeeding
  • Young people with desires to improve their figure

Distribution profit range: between 61 and 75%

Bluedropship profit range: between 50 and 60%


Moisturizing cream to increase breast size

Siluette contains active ingredients to enhance breast firmness, increase breast volume and to obtain hydrated skin with brightness.


  • Women above the age of 45 year old
  • Women after pregnancy or breastfeeding

Distribution profit range: between 70 and 83%

Bluedropship profit range: between 30 and 65%


Helps restore sexual desire

Nutritional supplement to increase libido, produces more intense orgasms and reduces the symptoms of menopause.


  • Women who are going through menopause
  • Young women who experience a significant decrease in sexual desire
  • Women who want to increase their sensations during sex

Distribution profit range: between 60 to 74%

Bluedropship profit range: between 35 and 40%