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How I can become a distributor?

You just need to register to start ordering. Our Sales Manager will contact you and present the best options for your investment.

We also offer more collaborative models like Bluedropship or merchandise on consignment.

I do not have a web page how I can sell?

Contact our Sales Manager to help you on how to launch your own website or indicate other options. Also, we can help in the process of creating your page, both in counseling and embodiment thereof.

What type of promotional material will the company facilitate?

We provide all materials that may be useful. By entering into your account, you can view and obtain different banners, photographs, product descriptions and examples of brochures.

For any material that you need which you does not have access to, please contact our Sales Manager, so that we will create it in a personalized way.

Will I receive advice on the prices I can offer my customers?

Our long experience and constant monitoring of market prices, has led us to define a minimum selling prices. If desired, you can benefit from our experience selling the minimum price we indicated. At any moment you can set higher prices but never lower than the defined minimum price.

If you want to make specific offers with our products, please contact us to analyze it together and make it more effective.

How do I have to pay for orders?

Orders from distributors located within the European Union are charged by bank transfer, PayPal and credit cards.

If you have your occupational activity in another country, ask us for other payment methods.


How will I receive the products?

We ship products by DHL from Madrid – Spain to guarantee the maximum rapidity in the shipment of our products.

If your activity is in Latin America the shipment will be by ordinary mail.

Contact us for more information