Procurves Cream helps to increase and firm breasts naturally

  • Weight 130
  • Dimensions 40x175x40
  • Duration 1 month
  • Format Cream 100ml
  • Type of treatment Cream
  • Use Daily, cutaneous

To increase the volume of the breasts

Procurves Cream is a product that helps to increase the volume of the breasts in a natural way while firming them. Many clients will want to get hold of this revolutionary cream, one of the best sellers in our range of cosmetics. Thanks to its natural ingredients such as CellActive®-FORM (a plant-based complex that activates the accumulation of lipids in the chest area and reshapes the contour of the décolleté) and Homeostatine ™ (which regenerates the skin, providing firmness and elasticity), In addition to hyaluronic acid and oat extract, among others, this cream provides extra nutrition and balances hormone levels, especially during menopause. Selling it will be extremely easy, since it is the best alternative to avoid resorting to surgery.

Successful product because:

  • Volume increased 7% in the first month and 13% after the first quarter.
  • 10% tighter breasts in 28 days.
  • High demand
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • A simple method
  • Sales margin of up to 35%