Do we collaborate?

We offer various distribution options for our products. Our experience of collaborating with clients has taught us the best ways to create long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Classic Distribution

Being a distributor of 500Cosmetics products it is possible to earn money in the short term by taking advantage of its sales channels. Now we offer the opportunity to work with us distributing a wide range of natural cosmetic products.

  • You will offer your customers quality and natural products.
  • You will always have the advice you need in a personalized way.
  • You will have competitive prices in the current market, which will make you a competitor in the sector enjoying very high margins.

We collaborate with all companies and professionals who are dedicated or want to dedicate themselves to the world of cosmetics and health.

Advantages of working with 500Cosmetics products:

  • Highly competitive margins in the market: between 60 and 90%
  • European products, registered in the EU
  • Un A Sales Manager at your complete disposal
  • Marketing and sales strategies adapted to each client
  • Specific offers to maximize benefits

500Cosmetics will always bill you, and you your customer. At no time will we contact your customers, unless expressly requested.

Dropship distribution

We change the model of understanding distribution: without the necessity to have your own stock of products!

  • You sell, we ship. We take care of shipping the package directly to customers, saving time and money
  • You only have to worry about selling the product directly from the website itself, ignoring its storage and subsequent shipment.
  • It is an easier way to distribute, since you only have to be in charge of carrying out the appropriate promotion and the collection of the orders. By providing us with customer data we take care of everything

Distributing benefits of working WITHOUT PHYSICAL STOCK:

  • No management worries and warehousing costs
  • Advance collection of money to avoid any type of deception
  • 500Cosmetics will control shipments using tracking numbers
  • ROI rates higher than the competition
  • Possibility of using any marketing material, images or texts from any of the websites associated with the products

We ensure all kinds of facilities to users who are part of the distribution system: descriptive brochures, health claims and all publicity material that may be needed.

If you are interested in distributing our products, you can contact us here.