What is Dropshipping?

The dropship system is a business model specially created for retailers. We are looking for clients who do not want, or cannot, make an initial purchase investment or who do not have physical space to store products. Our system allows you to sell items without physical stock, directly to your client and without compromising the seller-buyer link. At all times we respect the ownership of the customers of our dropshippers, so they will not know that we are your supplier.

How does it work?

Too easy! You can upload the catalog of products that we have available to your store, or only those products that you want to sell. Customers will make the purchase in your store and will make the payment to you. Afterwards, you buy the product from us and we take care of sending the package directly to the buyer, thus saving you time and costs. In this way, you will always have a profit margin before you make the purchase and, in addition, you will only pay for what you sell.