Phiero Night Man, perfume with pheromones for men

  • Weight 40
  • Dimensions 25x90x20
  • Duration 1 month
  • Format Roll-on of 10 ml
  • Type of treatment Perfume
  • Use Topical route

Perfume with pheromones for Men

Phiero Night Man, the roll-on perfume with pheromones for men Phiero Night Man is a perfume with pheromones designed to make men irresistible and enhance their sexual attraction. A pocket-size roll-on fragrance that contains powerful pheromones in its formula, capable of generating attraction and desire responses in the brain of those who perceive the smell. Your customers will elevate their inner achiever and get this product to use anywhere.

Successful product because:

  • Increases male sexual attractiveness
  • Wake up new sensations
  • Convenient pocket-size roll-on format
  • Sales margin of up to 35%